Domestic Factoring

Factoring modalities may also be classified according to Buyer’s geography.

If the Purchaser is incorporated in the same Country as the Supplier, this is called Domestic Factoring.

Domestic Factoring is usually one of the easier Factoring types to perform. There are several reasons for this:

  • The currency of the Invoice is the currency of the Funder’s Country;

  • The billing language is the same as the language of the funder’s country;

  • It is less complex to legally apply to a Buyer if he is from the same Country as the Funder;

  • Buyer is already more likely to be billed for purchases from other Suppliers (companies that are also customers of the Lender) is higher;

  • The Buyer may already be a Client of the Funder.

factoring doméstico

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Professional Billing Service

The Factoring Company or the specialist company it relies on, is used to charging customers like yours. Since, they know the most common habits and forms of payment. They also know how to contact and treat their customers in a professional and friendly manner.

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