Advantages of Factoring

Advantages of Factoring

When you have to make a decision, analysing the pros and cons of using a service should come first of all. That’s why we have made this page where you can consult everything Factoring brings to the table and thus make the best decision for your business.

Types of Factoring

Types of Factoring

There are several ways of conducting Factoring, and each Factoring operator also has unique characteristics. Therefore, if you do not resort to companies specializing in Factoring Credit Management, it may be difficult to compare the various offers. Discover the main Types of Factoring.

Factoring Myths

Factoring Myths

Being a relatively unknown financial service to most companies, there are some myths that are sometimes referred to when discussing Factoring. To help you decide, we have chosen to clarify here some of the most recurring ones.


Advantages of Factoring

Does not increase debt


When you choose Factoring, in the Non-Recource type, the financing your company receives does not increase debt.

The entity that must pay the outstanding invoice is not your company but the Buyer’s.

factoring doméstico

Types of Factoring

Domestic Factoring

Factoring types may also be classified according to your Buyer’s geography.

If the Buyer is incorporated in the same Country as the Supplier, it is called Domestic Factoring.

factoring notificado

Myths of Factoring

Factoring is exclusive for larger companies

Factoring companies tend to focus on large companies because it brings more revenue with less work.

Factoring benefits are for companies of all sizes. That’s why can be the right solution for your business.

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