Free Credit Ratings will evaluate your Buyer’s credit quality. As such you’ll be able to make better decisions as you’ll be able to move away from wastes of time and money.

It is often said that a sale does not end with the signing of a contract nor the delivery of the goods. A sale is only final when it is billed.

And what is the best guarantee of a good receipt? It’s selling to only those who can afford it!

While true, is not always easy to apply this principle. Since we’re talking about business customers the waters can be muddy and the decisions hard to make.

Apart from the financial documents (which are only public at best once a year) that need to be analyzed, there are also several variables to be aware of, such as: Has the company taken legal action against you? Does it have an outstanding debt to the Tax Authority or Social Security? How is it’s behavior in paying suppliers?

These variables influence business decisions and just how much credit a buyer should be granted.

We are already used to doing this kind of analysis as we’ve plenty of experience in this field. It is likely that it will not be the first time we’ve heard the questions you’ll be eager to put foward. will perform analyses that will assist you with the decision making and whether to finance sales to a buyer or not. Our Analyses will provide you with access to valuable information that you can use to grow your business safely.

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Non-Recourse Factoring

In the case of Non-Recourse Factoring, this means that there is no Recourse onto the Supplier. That is, if the Factoring Facility has been set to Non-Recourse, in case of non-payment by the Buyer, the Supplier does not have to return the amounts that have been advanced.

Factoring is hard to manage

Some say that Factoring is difficult to manage, as they say, has a large bureaucratic burden. See various solutions and choose the Partner who specializes in this service. Fortunately, there are those who only do Factoring and do it very well.

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