Professional Collection Service is used to charge customers like yours. We’re very familiar with the most common habits and payment methods. We also know how to contact and treat your customers in a professional and friendly manner.

Role specialization is a great benefit to your business, who better than an expert to collect your invoices?

A function common to all companies and not directly related to their specific business knowledge is how charge their customers.

The Collection process involves specific customer contact skills. Because it is in the payment process that customers express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a service or product. This process requires someone with technical and relational capabilities at a distance (telephone and e-mail) capable of navigating different types of conversations and inquires.

We provide collection services to all types of companies. Micro, small, medium and large; to groups and shared services based in Portugal or abroad.

Do you outsource to another company the task where your company specializes? So why do you keep doing tasks where you have no competitive advantage?

Use our services as we are specialists in customer credit management.

serviço de cobrança profissional

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