Complement your Credit Risk Coverage

With Factoring you can use the credit insurance policy you have or get risk coverage through the Factoring specialist company. This way, you assure you’ll receive the sales you make to your customers, even if they are from outside your country.

If your company already has a Credit Insurance Policy, you may keep it. On the other hand, if you do not have a Insurance Policy you may still get credit risk coverage. In this way, you can reduce the risk of customer credit and at the same time obtain advances on your invoices.

These services are complementary and can be obtained together or separately, regardless of whether they are obtained directly or indirectly.

Linking credit risk coverage to invoice advance is a smart and useful decision for both the Supplier company and the company financing the invoices. In addition, by having credit risk coverage you are ensuring that in case your Buyer does not pay the Invoice, there is someone who will cover it, namely the Financier or the Credit Insurance Company.

Using these two services together is technically called Non Recourse Factoring or, in some circumstances, Full Factoring.

Consult a credit management company and learn more.

complementa a cobertura de risco de crédito

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