Advantages of Factoring

When you have to make a decision, the analysis of the benefits of using a service should come first of all.

That’s why we have made this page where you can consult Factoring Advantages and thus make the best decision for your business.


Faster Customer Receipts

Your business receives the sales you make on credit, so you don’t have to wait for the invoice due date (or more).

The Factoring Company advances the amount owed in invoices that are due 30, 60, 90 or even 120 days later. This makes it easier to manage your company’s treasury.

Professional Collection Service

The Factoring Company or the specialist company it relies on is used to charging customers like yours. Since they know the most common habits and forms of payment. They also know how to contact and treat their customers in a professional and friendly manner.

serviço de cobrança profissional
aumenta o financiamento potencial

Increases Potential Financing

Because the funding you receive is linked to the invoices you have issued, the more you sell the more funding you will receive.

Most banks set a funding ceiling for your Company. However, by choosing Factoring, if you increase your sales you will also receive more funding.

Savings by volume discounts and payments in advance

With the anticipation of your receipts you have more cash to get better conditions from your suppliers.

As a result, this type of management can add many euros/pounds to your operating margin.


Does not increase debt

When you choose Factoring, in the Non-Recourse type, the financing your company receives does not increase debt. For, who will have to pay is not your company, but the Buyer.

Improves your Balance Sheet

Factoring, in Non-Recourse type, improves your Companies Balance Sheet. This way, your Company gets better ratings and is also rated for a higher value.

balanço mais equilibrado
complementa a cobertura de risco de crédito

Complements credit risk coverage

With Factoring you can use the credit insurance policy you have, or get coverage from the specialist factoring company. This way, you remain safe about receiving your sales to your customers, even if they are exports.

Free Credit Ratings

Factoring companies will evaluate your Buyer’s credit quality. Thus, you are sure that you can make the best decisions while wasting time and money.


Digital Processes

Today, there are more and more companies specializing in the management of Factoring credits with digital processes. This gives your company the advantages outlined above, so you don’t need to train or assign more work for your people. As a result, you can stay focused on your business.


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