Factoring is too complex

At first sight Factoring may seem overly complex.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. With Factoring your company gets financing when it sells. The more you sell the more financing you have. So you only pay for what you use.

One of the main features of Factoring is its flexibility in treasury financing.

The more sales your company makes, the more financing it will need. However, the funding is needed now and with Prazo.pt you can obtain it. On the other hand, if you ask a bank to respond to your credit request it may take a few months.

The more you sell, the more financing you unlock, and still you can combine credit risk coverage and collection services to the mix. How many complete and flexible financial products such as these do you know ?

o factoring e inflexivel

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Domestic Factoring

If the Buyer is incorporated in the same Country as the Supplier, this is called Domestic Factoring to the current Factoring Transaction.

Increases Potential Financing

Because the funding you receive is linked to the invoices you have issued, the more you sell the more funding you will receive. Most banks set a funding ceiling for your Company. However, by choosing Factoring, if you increase your sales you will also receive additional funding.

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