Factoring is too complex

At first glance, getting a cash loan may seem simpler.

But in reality, understanding how Factoring works is very simple. Moreover, the advantages you get make purchasing this type of service worthwhile.

We believe there are plenty of knowledgeable business owners who are likely to try to inform themselves about matters before making a final decision. This is certainly your case as you are reading the topics of this blog.

Here at Prazo.pt Blog we give some thought to these questions. As such, we have made a simple scheme so you can understand how our  business model works.

Technological developments are increasingly present in the daily lives of companies. As a result, paper-based business processes are increasingly outdated. Here at Prazo.pt we work the processes in digital format and so we can better help your company.

Besides the advantages being many, the process to get there is worth it.

o factoring e muito complexo

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Export Factoring can also be called International Factoring. This designation comes from the Purchaser being located in a different Country from the Supplier (and probably also in a country other than the Financier).

Savings by Volume Discounts and Amount Advanced

With the anticipation of your receipts you have more cash to get better conditions from your suppliers. As a result, this type of management can add many euros to your operating margin.

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