Factoring is hard to manage

Some say that Factoring is difficult to manage because, if not done correctly, it can have a high bureaucratic burden.

We have the best deal for you as we are a specialist credit management company in Factoring.

The work that comes from the Factoring service derives essentially from the type of company you choose. Prazo.pt is a company specialized in credit management that will offer you the best possible financial and operational conditions. We are a company with a high digital capacity that will make your life easier. With our help, understanding Factoring will surely be as easy as knowing the name of your own company.

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o factoring é dificil de gerir

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Recourse Factoring

If Factoring is Recourse Factoring, that means that a Recourse is applied unto the Supplier. Therefore, if the Factoring Facility has been set to be Recourse Factoring, in the event of non-payment by the Buyer, the Supplier must return to the Financier the amounts that have been advanced.

Professional Billing Service

A empresa de Factoring ou a empresa especialista a quem ela recorre, estão habituados a cobrar clientes como os seus. Visto que, conhecem os hábitos e as formas de pagamento mais usuais. Além disso, sabem como contactar e tratar os seus clientes de forma profissional e amigável.

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