Factoring is exclusive to big companies

Factoring companies tend to focus on large companies because it brings more revenue with less work.

Factoring benefits are for companies of all sizes. Do consider that Prazo.pt may be the right solution for your business.


Large companies with numerous human and financial resources gain great advantages in using Factoring. As such, Factoring is beneficial to these companies, imagine what Factoring can do for your business.

The advantages of Factoring increasingly reach all companies because, thankfully, there are companies that specialize in managing credit factoring for all types of companies.

Most Factoring companies have minimums for starting a Factoring operation. It’s industry standard, most Factoring companies work like that.

At Prazo.pt you will find the solution that your company needs. You will be able to enjoy the advantages of the great financial service that is Factoring.

o factoring e so para grandes empresas

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Confidential Factoring

This type of Factoring is unusual because the Operating Risk is greater. This happens because in case of delay or non payment, the Funder's intervention may already come too late.

Improved Balance Sheet

Factoring, in Non-Recourse type, improves you Company's Balance Sheet. This way, your Company gets better ratings and is also rated at a higher value.

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