Factoring Myths

As it is a financial service that is not known to all companies, there are some myths that are sometimes referred to.


To help you decide, we’ve made this page to clarify some of the most common ones.

o factoring e para empresas em dificuldade

Factoring is just for companies in financial hardships

Unlike leasing and renting services, which are used by almost every company, this myth has long accompanied the Factoring service.

In truth, all kinds of companies use Factoring, from micro-companies to SME’s and major companies.

Factoring will be bothersome for my clients

Your client is also a client of the Factoring company. That said, if any action hurts the business relationship between your company and the customer, the Factoring company will lose business aswell, as such, it is in the best intrest of the Factor to maintain posive relationships.

To get good service there’s nothing better than resorting to a company that specializes in management of Factoring.

O Factoring vai chatear muito os meus clientes
o factoring e muito complexo

Factoring is too complex

At first glance, getting a cash loan may seem simpler.

But in truth, understanding how Factoring works is very simple. In addition, the advantages you get make purchasing this service worthwhile.

Factoring is expensive

It is a common mistake to compare “apples with oranges”. This a very common occurance when analysing factoring costs.

Factoring includes the collection service of your Invoices and may also include the insurance coverage in the event of late payment or non-payment by your Buyer.

o factoring e caro
o factoring e so para grandes empresas

Factoring is exclusive for big companies

Factoring companies tend to focus on large companies because it brings more revenue with less work.

Factoring benefits are for companies of all sizes. Therefore, a company specializing in Factoring Management may be the right solution for your business.

Factoring is too rigid

At first glance Factoring may seem rigid.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. With Factoring your company unlocks financing the moment it makes a sale.

The more you sell the more financing you have. So you only pay for what you use.

o factoring e inflexivel
o factoring é dificil de gerir

Factoring is too hard to manage

Some say that Factoring is difficult to manage, as they say, has a large bureaucratic burden.

See various solutions and choose the Partner who specializes in this service. Fortunately, there are those who will manage your Factoring services for you and do it very well.

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